Kfemate The Open Source Cyber Coffee System
The Open Source Cyber Coffee System
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  Welcome to Kfemate.

  kfemate is pronunced in spanish (kfe=Coffee- mate= of "Checkmate in Chess")

  Admin your own Cyber-Cafe or Cyber, this Software is great, Easy of use, Secure, Fast,   use MySQL, unlimited Pc's,   Portable, and Open Source. (Currently only Spanish)

  What is different in this?

  - kfemate use MySQL and ZeosLib.
  - Write in Pascal.
  - Can compile in Lazarus, Delphi 5-7 and other.
  - The server can use, Unix, Linux, and other's OS while support MySQL server.
  - The clients and Administrator too.
  - It's funny.

  and the exclusive option of kafemate, is Open Source.

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